Will Tradition Be Kept In The British Royal Family
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Will Tradition Be Kept In The British Royal Family

British royal family traditions and gold rings made in Wales from Welsh gold.

Traditions are especially important if you are a member of the Royal Family since your job is based on tradition.  If you do not maintain your own traditions, common people might see that you do not really believe in them or have any faith in your attachment to your belief structure which is what a tradition is.  As a member of a Royal family, your job is based on your citizens believing that you possess some Right given by God which makes you someone to be obeyed and supported.  One tradition that the world is waiting to see is the tradition of having a Royal ring made from gold mined in Wales and designed by a Welsh jewelsmithy.  Here is a little about that British Royal tradition. 

Gold mined in Wales has a red glow to it since Welsh gold is mined from mountains that have deep deposits of copper. The famous gold company known as Clogau Gold has a long and proud relationship with the Royal family of England. For many years, the Royal family of England has chosen gold rings made from the gold mined for use by Clogau Gold. These rings are made from a single nugget of gold mined from St. David's Gold Mine in Wales. The mine known as St. David's Gold Mine has been in operation for more than 150 years. The mine's gold output has fluctuated through the three generations depending on the miner's luck in finding gold veins. The historical connection between Welsh gold taken from St. David's Gold Mine and the royal family begins in 1911 with the investiture of Edwards Prince of Wales in Caernarfon Castle. His father, King George V crowned the Prince with a coronet made from gold mined in Wales and designed and manufactured by Clogau Welsh Gold.

Prince Edwards was not only the first Prince to be crowned in Wales, but He was the first to be crowned by a coronet made from Welsh gold. Actually, Queen Elizabeth began the ring tradition upon her marriage to King George VI on April 26, 1923. The Queen had a ring designed from a single nugget of gold taken from St. David's Gold Mine. The gold nugget of Clogau gold belonged to Mr. Bartholomew. The same Clogau gold nugget was use later on to design a ring for Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to give to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II at their marriage on November 20, 1947.

Thus began the years old tradition of the Royal family of England wearing rings made from Clogau gold, mined and crafted in Wales. Other members of the Royal family who have pure Clogau Welsh gold wedding rings are Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, Princess Diana of Wales, Prince Charles, and Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in 2005.

The very rare and precious Welsh gold that is used to make Clogau Gold jewelry can be identified by its trademark, a little gold Welsh dragon.

Will the new Princess have a gold ring made from Clogau Gold?  If anyone knows please post it here. 

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