Travel and Places: Bath
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Travel and Places: Bath

Top travel destinations in Bath

A World Heritage Site, Bath in the Southwest of England is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world, blessed by natural hot springs and impressive architecture. Here are among the top places in Bath and things to do to make your visit of Bath a truly worthwhile and enchanting experience.

At the center of Bath is The Roman Baths, a museum with pools of natural hot water. Tourists will find it a joy to meet characters in Roman costumes telling stories of people who have actually walked on the stone pavements. While there, make sure to get a glass of Spa water from the fountain, else you can never claim to have gone to Bath at all.

Another pride of Bath is Thermae Bath Spa, the only place in the United Kingdom where you can enjoy naturally warm waters infused with minerals. The Minerva Bath is a must-see. Book a session and get to enjoy a totally different and invigorating spa experience.

While in Bath, make time to visit the Jane Austen Centre. No you don’t exactly need to be bookish to appreciate this museum that captures the life of Bath’s most famed resident, the great author Jane Austen. Even if you are not exactly a fan of Jane Austen you are going to be delighted with the Tea Rooms that aside from offering you delicious pots of real leaf teas and baked goodies also provide you with a great view of the city.

You shouldn’t miss the Fashion Museum, either, which features historical and contemporary dresses, down from the 16th century up to the present. The galleries are designed in a way that would make you feel you are walking in an incredibly stylish and well organized store, all laden with clothes. Don’t fail to see the Corsets and Crinolines display, the Assembly Room café, and the gift shop. Yes, the Fashion Museum is definitely a must-see, especially if you are so into fashion and clothes.

One that holds great significance, too, is the Bath Abbey Heritage Vaults Museum which features objects that are connected in one way or another with Abbey’s past.

Other notable attractions in Bath are the 120-foot Beckford’s Tower and Museum, the Fleet Air Arm Museum (the largest aviation museum in Europe), and the Holburne Museum, which exhibits fine artworks.

There are plenty of sights to see in Bath, surely, but if you don’t have that much time to visit each one, just these top Bath destinations will already give you more than a luggage of beautiful memories.

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