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Best Landmarks to Visit in Northern Ireland

Three of the best sight-seeing landmarks in historic and scenic Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a beautiful part of the United Kingdom rich in scenic, historic and cultural sights worth visiting. A trip to Northern Ireland is bound to be an enriching one for travelers. In the major settlements of Northern Ireland tourists can find a number of museums, landmarks and attractions to fill day after day in this fabled land.

St. Anne’s Cathedral

Donegall Street

Belfast BT1 2FG

Northern Ireland


In a corner of the world rich in elaborate castles and cathedrals, St. Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast, Northern Ireland stands apart from the pack as a must-see religious landmark. Incredible history and architecture combine with the sanctity of the site for an unforgettable spiritual and educational experience. St. Anne’s Cathedral is a working cathedral that hosts services every week. Visitors seeking to tour the cathedral should arrive between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm on weekdays. Shorter visits can also take place directly before and after Sunday services. For more information and a schedule of special events at St. Anne’s Cathedral, travelers should visit the official website.

St. Patrick's Trian

40 English St.


Northern Ireland


The best place for tourists to start their adventure in Armagh, Northern Ireland is with the educational landmark of St. Patrick’s Trian. Three exhibits located at this visitors’ center present detailed histories of Armagh and Irish culture. The first of these exhibits is the story of Armagh spanning from the Paegan influences through the arrival of St. Patrick. Carrying on from that point in the story, the second exhibit details the story of St. Patrick via the Book of Armagh. Lastly, the third exhibition of St. Patrick’s Trian is an interpretation of the Lilliputians as depicted in the classic novel “Gulliver’s Travels” by famed writer Jonathan Swift. For more information and detailed facilities statistics, visit the St. Patrick Trian official website.

Museum of Free Derry

55 Glenfada Park

Derry BT48 9DR

Northern Ireland


The Museum of Free Derry has been described as a life changing and eye opening exploration of the civil rights era of the region which lasted from the 1960’s through a tumultuous time in the 1970’s. An archive of news, photographs, posters and even film pieces has been compiled by the Bloody Sunday Trust as a way of educating local citizens and traveling explorers about the struggle seen in Derry and the surrounding area. An ever-evolving museum, The Museum of Free Derry was first opened in 2006 and continues to grow and expand its collection of must-see archival history. For more information on Free Derry, visit the museum’s official website.

Northern Ireland is the perfect travel destination for explorers with a thirst for knowledge, culture and one of a kind experiences. Churches, cathedrals and museums located all over Northern Ireland provide a glimpse into the complex and sometimes rocky history of this part of the United Kingdom.

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Comments (3)

Interesting and informative article

Wonderful travel tips for northern Ireland. When I visited Ireland I went to the border of Belfast. The guards were intimidating so went no further. Promoted your fine article.


Thanks for the tips! I'm traveling to Ireland in a few weeks and I'm hoping to see some of these places. Do you know what kind of Ireland plug adapter I'll need? I've never been, and I want to make sure I'm able to use all of my electronics. Thanks!